At Olyusei we specialise in the interpretation of events. We have collaborated with prestigious companies, offering our solutions to help organise an international, multilingual, innovative and inclusive event.

Our clients placed their trust in us and it paid off; there is simply no better way to explain it than to demonstrate through summaries and images of all these events.

event interpreting

World Football Summit

Nexus – Palacio de los Duques de Pastrana

On 27 and 28 October, the World Football Summit was held in Madrid. It was the first international congress on football to be held in Spain and Olyusei was in charge of providing the simultaneous interpreting service.

Thanks to the Olyusei app, all attendees were able to access the simultaneous interpreting service using their own mobile phone. On this occasion, we also created a section on our website that we integrated into the event app. All attendees, even those who were not in the auditorium, were able to listen to our interpreters using headphones provided by the event organisers. Thanks to Olyusei and the World Football Summit, for two days the entire world of football spoke the same language.

Major Event – International Conference. +800 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.

event interpreting

South Summit

Spain Startup – La N@ve

On 5, 6 and 7 October, we at Olyusei were in charge of providing the simultaneous interpreting service for conferences held on the main stage at the South Summit, the most important entrepreneurship and startup event in southern Europe. This edition took place at La N@ve, an innovative complex managed by the Council of Madrid.

Over 300 people connected at the same time to our interpreting service using the Olyusei app and a section on our website, which we created specifically for the event. Using our service, attendees were able to listen to the likes of Allen Blue, cofounder of LinkedIn, Niklas Zennström, CEO of Atomico, Nolan Bushnell, CEO of Atari, and Frédéric Mazzella, CEO of BlaBlaCar, in their own language. It was an innovation event that used an innovative simultaneous interpreting system that truly surprised all those in attendance.

Major Event – International Conference. 12,500 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.

event interpreting

Sevilla Fútbol Club

Official Interpreting Service Providers of Sevilla FC

We have been the official interpreting service providers of Sevilla Football Club since the 2015/16 football season.

We provide interpreting services for the pre-match and post-match press conferences in LaLiga Santander fixtures and European competitions, such as the Champions League and the Europa League. We are also in charge of match announcements at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium. All of these services are provided remotely from our office in Madrid thanks to the Olyusei system.

We have all the facilities required at our Madrid office to ensure the best simultaneous interpreting service is provided that meets the needs and requirements of the current Europa League champions.

Official announcement of Sevilla Football Club

event interpreting

NY Business Group

Madrid Stock Exchange

On 6 and 7 June 2016, we were contracted to provide a simultaneous interpreting service for the Global Investors Forum organised by the NY Business Group.

The installation of interpreting cabins was not required thanks to the Olyusei system, allowing the event to be held in the Parquet room of the Madrid Stock Exchange, an ideal location for a financial event that gathered directors from the leading national and international banks and investment funds.

There was a combination of talks in Spanish and in English, and thanks to our native interpreters and experts in financial translation and investment funds, all attendees were able to understand and take part in speeches and round table discussions.

Forum-conference. 100 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.

event interpreting

ICON Institute

Public Employment Service of Castile and Leon

In July 2016, the Public Employment Service of Castile and Leon held a meeting with the ICON Institute to present and analyse its work processes.
The spaces could not facilitate the installation of interpreting cabins, but the Olyusei system adapted perfectly to their needs, allowing people from Germany, Denmark, Finland, France and Spain to hold direct conversations without breaks or troubles with comprehension.
In doing so, the interpretation was adapted to the different spaces, both the first conference in the central office of the Public Employment Service in Valladolid, and the second conference in a Public Employment Office in Medina del Campo, even facilitating mobility to and from different locations within the Employment Office.


Internal meeting. 11 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.

event interpreting

Norwegian Embassy

COAM offices (Professional Association of Architects of Madrid)

In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, a presentation was given on the report summarising the 20 years in which EEA Grants and international funding contributed to the development of Spain. The event welcomed representatives from the donor countries (Norway, Island and Lichtenstein), members of the Spanish government, managers from the funded projects, participants in the book, as well as guests from the relevant sectors.
We were responsible for making sure that all attendees understood the content of the event, in addition to having the great honour of being able to interpret for the Norwegian Ambassador, Johan Vibe (photo). Without having to install interpreting cabins and heavy technical interpreting equipment, Olyusei perfectly met the needs of the event and space.

Presentation. 60 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.

event interpreting

European University of Madrid

European Week of Sport

At the event, held in April 2016 at the European University of Madrid, Emilio de Villota, ex Formula 1 racing driver, gave an account of the most significant moments of the life of his daughter María de Villota, racing driver, recalling the values inherent to her personal life and sporting achievements: overcoming, discipline, strength, empathy, team spirit and solidarity.

On this occasion, we had the immense privilege but also huge responsibility of directly interpreting the testimonial of María de Villota and conveying her perspective on life, her personal example and her drive to become better with the passing of each day, to all international students at the European University of Madrid.


Presentation. 80 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.

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