Introducing the innovative simultaneous interpreting system

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Olyusei is a simultaneous interpreting system that can be adapted to any environment
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Olyusei incorporates the latest technology to offer solutions that meet the needs of any event
This allows us to offer simultaneous interpreting services for your event with a range of options: the conventional set-up; interpreters based remotely and the technical service in situ; or, lastly, a completely remote service.
For the last option we use our own videoconference platform, which has been designed for and by interpreters, and which guarantees the security and signal quality of the event.
Sevilla FC - Manchester United | Prematch Press Conference | OIyusei Virtual Interpreting Console conference by Dirk Pilat | Olyusei Remote Interpreting System
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All that is needed to provide the service is an on-site technician. The other resources are located in our office and no not hinder the organisation of the event.

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Managing without the transport and assembly of heavy equipment, as well as the travel, food allowance and accommodation of interpreters allows us to offer an unparalleled price on simultaneous interpreting.

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Both the receivers and mobile app are extremely user-friendly and have been designed with a focus on simplicity. The mobile app eliminates the need to distribute, supervise and retrieve the receivers.

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Using cutting-edge streaming and data encryption technology securely transmits the content of your event to our facilities without tampering with your internal network.

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Olyusei is a one-of-a-kind system. On top of assisting with the organisation of the event and providing a top-quality interpreting service, it puts an international and innovative stamp on your event.

traducción simultánea


It takes up less space than traditional systems. It does not require interpreter travel. It offers an app tailored to client needs.


Stepping away from the conventional

Forget transport, long hours spent assembling interpreting cabins, infra-red radiators, the travel, accommodation and food allowance for interpreters and all other aspects generally needed for conventional systems.

None of this is required with Olyusei. A technician installs the interpreting system at the event in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, all other technical and human resources are located at our offices and do not interfere with organisation.


Olyusei APP

The Olyusei can be downloaded for free from all the main app stores and has been designed based on user experience (Lean UX). Attendees are able to receive the interpretation to their own iOS or Android devices, as well as access the internet and continue using all of the phone’s features.

With the Olyusei you can wave goodbye to the hassle of distributing and collecting audio receivers.

We adapt to the needs of each event

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