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The OLYUSEI app can be downloaded for free from all the main app stores and has been designed based on user experience (Lean UX).

This makes sure that everyone can use it due to its straightforward and user-friendly features.

By connecting to the OLYUSEI WIFI network, attendees are able to receive the interpretation to their own iOS or Android devices, as well as access the internet and continue using all of the phone’s features. With the OLYUSEI app you can wave goodbye to the hassle of distributing and collecting audio receivers and appointing staff for these tasks.

We will provide disposable earphones if necessary. We also have devices similar to mini tablets with the OLYUSEI app already installed for anyone who does not have a smartphone.


Our team creates a section for your event, convention, conference or meeting on the OLYUSEI simultaneous interpreting app using a private PIN code that makes sure only guests or attendees can listen to the interpretation.


Unlike conventional systems, the Olyusei app makes it possible to listen to the simultaneous interpreting of an event without actually having to be physically present. It is perfect for events with live broadcast across streaming platforms or for those seeking to make an international impact.


The OLYUSEI  app adapts to the corporate image of your event, offering the possibility to include as many languages as needed.

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Select the channel by pressing the button for the language you want to listen to.  You will start to hear the simultaneous interpretation. If necessary, press the button and then the once again.
You can continue to use your mobile phone features whilst listening to the simultaneous interpretation with the OLYUSEI app.
When the service has finished, we will provide you with the app usage analytics so that you can measure the impact of the service on your event.


Download the Olyusei simultaneous interpreting app and test how it works by entering the event code suevento and the PIN 1518.



We adapt to the needs of each event

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