Remote interpreting

How does it work?

simultaneous interpreting

1. We install the system and monitor the transmission with a technician on site.
simultaneous interpreting

2. Our native interpreters receive the signal (audio and image) and translate to the desired languages.
simultaneous interpreting

3. The signal is sent back to the event and is automatically circulated via the app or receivers.
simultaneous interpreting

4. Attendees select the channel for their language and receive the simultaneous interpretation.

simultaneous interpreting


Although the number of people capable of understanding other languages is continually on the rise, at an event it is tricky to ensure that all attendees fully understand the content. Talks on specific subject areas instantaneously demand knowledge of jargon that the general public does not usually master. On top of this, varied accents of speakers, technical terminology, even the acoustics of the event itself can affect communication.

Thanks to OLYUSEI you can rest assured that attendees can easily understand all of the content with the help of simultaneous interpreting using their own smartphone or through a receiver.


Like us all, speakers also tend to feel more confident speaking in their own language. If they have to translate their speeches, even with advanced language skills, they usually end up simplifying ideas and in doing so lose the essence of the speech or presentation.

The possibility of answering questions from the public in their native language will help better convey their message. As an organiser you can collaborate with speakers from all over the world without language being a concern.

We adapt to the needs of each event

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