Latest events

Latest events

In Olyusei we are professionals in event interpretation, also known as event translation. We have helped many important companies to internationalise their multilingual events using our innovative tools.
Our clients put their trust in us and achieved success. We can’t think of a better way to explain it than to illustrate it with the images and chronicles of a selection of all these events.

Kick Off Meeting 2019 of Coca-Cola European Partners

Fira de Barcelona

MacGuffin is one of Spain’s leading event and communication agencies and it was chosen to organize the Kick Off Meeting of Coca-Cola European Partners held on January 23, 2019. Olyusei provided the simultaneous interpreting service in English, Portuguese and Spanish for 500 delegates from all over Europe.
On this occasion, a remote interpreting service, transmitted through the Olyusei App, with an on-site technician was used. One technician in Barcelona and another in Madrid were in charge of overseeing the technical side of things to ensure a problem-free service. The interpreters worked from our ISO booths at our headquarters in Madrid, where they received the video and audio to interpret. As such, the delegates were able to listen to the event in their own language, with studio-quality sound and minimum delay, enjoying the experience regardless of the language spoken. All but 6 of the delegates, who decided to use traditional receivers, listened to the interpretation using their own earphones.

Annual Conference. 500 people. 3 languages. Remote interpreting with on-site technician received through the app.

telefónica traducción simultánea

Encuentro Telefónica 2018

Caja Mágica – Madrid

Telefónica has always committed to using the most innovative technology, so no less was expected when it came to the simultaneous interpreting of its event. At the Telefónica Global Meeting of Managers, held on November 29-30, 2018, over 1000 executives from around the world came together at La Caja Mágica, one of the Spanish capital’s most emblematic venues, which put on a stunning audiovisual display. Olyusei provided the interpretation service in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese, as the vast majority of the executives came from Spain, Latin America, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Olyusei used a completely secure and confidential interpretation system that allowed attendees to listen to the audio in their language using the interpretation channels on the application that they downloaded onto their mobile devices, which connected to the venue’s WIFI network. All but one attendee, who decided to use the traditional receiver, listened to the interpretation through the app.

Annual convention. 1000 people. 4 languages. On-site simultaneous interpretation received through the app and receivers.


Elysium Project Presentation

Palacio de Congresos – Mérida

On December 3, 2018 the Elysium Project was officially presented by the American promoter, Cora Alpha, and the Council of Extremadura in Mérida (Spain). The avant-garde project, regarding the development of a smart leisure city called Elysium City, attracted significant press attention. 100 people attended the bilingual event, including the President of the Board of Extremadura and the President of Cora Alpha.
The organization chose Olyusei’s remote solution due to the difficulty of getting the interpreters to Mérida at short notice. Our interpreters, located at our headquarters in Madrid, received the video and audio signal from Mérida and the attendees listened to their interpretation through the 2 app channels on their own mobile phone.

Press conference. 100 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting received through the app.


V Ship2B Impact Forum

Museo Marítimo / Maritime Museum – Barcelona

Ship2B Impact Forum brought together Spanish and European impact-economy leaders in Barcelona, becoming an unmissable event on the entrepreneurship and impact investment calendar in Spain, which saw over 1000 people pass through its doors. With talks from over 30 national and international leaders, the simultaneous interpretation service had to reflect the innovative nature of the event. The client’s technicians sent the event video and audio signal from the venue in Barcelona to the Olyusei headquarters in Madrid, where our professionals carried out their interpretation.
The organizers contacted Olyusei asking for the interpretation channels into be incorporated into their own event application. This is a service that Olyusei offers and it is a great advantage for organizers who have their own event apps.

International Congress. 1000 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting received through the client’s app.


Fundación Telefónica – Presentation TELOS Magazine

Espacio Fundación Telefónica – Madrid

Fundación Telefónica presented TELOS magazine at a conference, which was streamed live from California, regarding technoethics. Jaron Lanier, the inventor, philosopher, musician and visionary, participated in the presentation, which was followed by a roundtable session on the humanity of technology. Fundación Telefónica has always organized public conferences with simultaneous interpreting services using traditional receivers. However, on this occasion, it wanted to reach more people without having to hire more devices. Olyusei was chosen as the solution to its problems. All the attendees, except for a few who used traditional receivers due to not having their phone, listened to the interpretation on their Smartphone. Furthermore, the Olyusei App offers the possibility of attaching and sharing documents and website links, which was a significant benefit for Fundación Telefónica.

Since 2018, Olyusei has been in charge of simultaneous interpreting through the channels on the app for all Fundación Telefónica events requiring such services.

CDisclosure conference. 120 people. 2 languages. On-site simultaneous interpreting received through the app.


2018 Apple Presentation – iPhone XS and XS Max Launch

Apple Park, Cupertino (USA).

For the second consecutive year, Apple sought the remote simultaneous interpreting service of Olyusei to ensure that its product launch presentation, held in the United States, could reach the Spanish-speaking markets live. We were once again entrusted to be the voice of their presentation that this time launched the iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch 4.

The innovative tech giant opted for our simultaneous interpretation solutions with built-in technology. As such, we received the live presentation signal in the interpretation booths at our headquarters in Madrid, where our professionals carried out the simultaneous interpretation and our technicians oversaw its correct functioning throughout. The interpretation signal, which was received via the Olyusei app, was simultaneously transmitted to 5 cities

Launch event. 5 cities. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting.


NEW YORK SUMMIT – “Inspiring Committed Leaders”

Angel Orensanz Foundation – New York City

New York Summit, organised by the Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation, is the biggest Spanish-speaking event on the calendar. It is held in the Big Apple and brings together speakers and guests from all around the world to discuss leadership, innovation and sustainability.

For the last edition, Olyusei was asked to provide the simultaneous interpreting service. Our professionals interpreted for the likes of Ed Phelps (Nobel Prize for Economics), Juan Verde (former advisor to Barack Obama), Kathleen Kennedy (Economic Policy Institute), Olga San Jacinto (Business Director at GOOGLE) and many more from our headquarters in Madrid.

Simultaneous interpreting from the other side of the pond was a major milestone in our history.

International Conference. 1000 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting received through the app.


Technological Innovation and Circular Economy Summit.

Hotel Marriott Auditorium Madrid

We have carried out the simultaneous interpretating of this summit organised by the Advanced Leadership Foundation with the participation of several Nobel Laureates, politicians and former US President Barack Obama. Both the attendees and the speakers were able to follow the interpreting using their own smartphones and the Olyusei App.

This event, attended by 2000 people, has chosen this solution to lower the cost of the service and reduce the logistical problem arising from the distribution and collection of such a large number of receivers. The interpreters worked on site and the translation channels were broadcast using the Olyusei App and a limited number of complimentary receivers available for those who did not have a smartphone.

Major event. 2000 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting on-site with audio broadcasting using App + receivers.


Boehringer Ingelheim, BI Spain Convention.

Ingelheim, Germany

We had the privilege of providing simultaneous interpretation services for Boehringer Ingelheim laboratories during a 4-day event focused on the Spanish market with presentations by the company’s management and Spanish<>English translation. In addition to the highly scientific and technical presentations, one of the greatest challenges was to translate the master of ceremonies chosen for the occasion into English…. Leo Harlem. A challenge that was brilliantly overcome and that allowed those who did not speak Spanish to laugh with the monologues of this Spanish comedy genius.

In this case, the client opted for a completely remote solution, in which it was not necessary to send a technician to Germany. Rent Multimedia, the company in charge of the technical organization of the event, sent us the audio and video signal while the attendees, 450 people, could follow the translation using their smartphones.

Conferences. 450 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting with audio broadcasting using App.


Gestamp, European Works Council.

Hotel Meliá Serrano, Madrid

The biggest challenge when organising an European Works Council is the great variety and number of languages. In this case, 6 languages were required (English, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Spanish and German), which would have meant having to install 5 booths in the hotel where the meeting was held. The small number of attendees (20) makes it difficult to find a suitable room to accommodate delegates and booths. This is the 3rd European Works Council we have had the honour to interpret for Gestamp.

Olyusei has allowed the company to reduce the cost of such meetings while maintaining the highest quality of service. The interpreters worked from Olyusei’s headquarters and we sent a technician to the hotel to manage the technical aspects. The translation channels were broadcast using wireless receivers

Meeting. 20 people. 6 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting with audio broadcasting using receivers.

César Manrique

César Manrique Foundation: Arte Sella. The city of ideas.

Taro de Tahíche, Lanzarote

The first event that we held through our exclusive distributor for the Canary Islands, Atrium, in which the client opted for a totally remote solution. The presentation of the documentary and the subsequent talk with the Italian artist Emanuele Montibeller took place in Spanish and Italian with the help of our interpreters working from Olyusei’s headquarters in Madrid. Attendees were able to follow the translation on their smartphones and interact with the speaker in the debate following the screening of the documentary.

Atrium Canarias was in charge of sending the original audio and video signal to our headquarters in Madrid. The reception was carried out using smartphones with the Olyusei App

Presentation. 50 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting with audio broadcasting using App.

Melilla Cruise Forum

Melilla Cruise Forum.

Hotel Tryp Melilla Puerto, Melilla

The organization of this forum faced the problem that it was impossible to find an audiovisual company able to provide technical service in Melilla at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the transportation, accommodation and per diem of the interpreters would increase the budget until making simultaneous interpreting impossible in an event of great impact for the city of Melilla, which seeks precisely to promote its presence in the international markets. Therefore, they relied on us to provide the highest quality service at a much lower price. They also opted for broadcasting the translation channels using our Olyusei App with excellent results, as can be seen in this round table with two languages. The client has already booked us for similar forums in other cities.

A technician from Olyusei travelled to Melilla to coordinate the service and to send the original audio/video signal to Olyusei in Madrid. The translation was received on the smartphones of the attendees with the Olyusei App.

Conferences. 100 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting with audio broadcasting using App.


White Week at the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid – UEM.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid

For the sixth year running, we were in charge of the simultaneous interpreting for the week of conferences organised by the Universidad Europea de Madrid for its students studying sports management, which is always attended by great sports personalities, such as Ruth Beitia, Pablo Laso, Roberto Carlos and Sergio Llull.

On this occasion, we chose to set up our interpreters and all the necessary equipment in a room attached to the event hall, to use as a “virtual booth”. A mix between a remote system and the traditional set-up, this allowed the interpreters to be on-site, without the need to set up a proper interpreting booth.

Conferences. 120 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting with a virtual booth.


XIV International Conference on Photovoltaic Concentrators

La Central, Puertollano, Spain

In mid-April, 120 experts from all around the world gathered in Castilla la Mancha to discuss vitally important issues, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. To guarantee direct and fluid communication among its participants, and to translate the welcome messages of the local authorities, they used our Olyusei system.
All simultaneous interpreting was performed remotely, with the interpreters translating from the booths at our headquarters in Madrid, where, thanks to our system, they received the video and audio of the live event. There was no need to set up a translation booth or arrange travel for our interpreters, meaning we could offer the highest quality service at the best price.

Conference. 120 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting with an on-site technician.

traducción simultánea EVO

EVO Bank

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

#EVOelfuturoeslaVOZ was the official hashtag of the convention organised by EVO to present its new virtual voice assistant tool, where we provided our remote simultaneous translation system, Olyusei, so that everyone could listen to such great finance gurus as its CEO, Enrique Tellado, Rand Hindi, and Pedro Moreno.

The organisers offered three means of distributing the simultaneous translation, which they designated according to the type of guest. The receivers were reserved for senior managers, the press and other guests used the Olyusei app, and, last but not least, people following the event via streaming could listen to the simultaneous translation through our website.

Corporate Convention – Presentation. 400 people. 2 languages. Remote simultaneous interpreting with an on-site technician.

Traducción Simultánea Newsocracy

Newsocracy III – PDLI

Medialab-Prado Madrid.

On 30th January, together with the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), the Observatory for the Balkans and the Trans-European Caucasus (OBCT), and with the support of the European Commission, the Platform for the Defence of Freedom of Information (PDLI) held their European conference on media ownership and informative plurality in Madrid, and they entrusted us with organising the simultaneous interpreting for this important event.

As the space already had an integrated interpreting booth, we provided the interpreting service in situ, which we distributed using traditional receivers and via our Olyusei app, where we created a private access and video link section for the event, which could also be used by anyone who followed the event via streaming.

International Congress. 200 people. 2 languages. On-site simultaneous interpreting.


World Football Summit 2017

Nexus. Espacio Teatro Goya.

For the second year in a row, we were in charge of the simultaneous interpreting service for the largest event in the football industry in Spain, which brings together sports agents of many nationalities and internationally renowned figures in the world of sport. In this edition they once again opted for our remote simultaneous interpretation service.

This way, it was not necessary to install interpreting booths or bring the interpreters to the event site. The translation was broadcast using traditional receivers and a section on our website, which was customised for World Football Summit and integrated into the official app of the event.

Major event – International Summit. +2000 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.


Sevilla Football Club

Official Interpreting Service Providers of Sevilla FC.

We have been the official interpreting service providers of Sevilla Football Club since the 2015/16 football season.

We provide interpreting services for the pre-match and post-match press conferences in LaLiga Santander fixtures and European competitions, such as the Champions League and the Europa League. We are also in charge of match announcements at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium. All of these services are provided remotely from our office in Madrid thanks to the Olyusei system.

We have all the facilities required at our Madrid office to ensure the best simultaneous interpreting service is provided that meets the needs and requirements of the former Europa League champions.

Official announcement of Sevilla Football Club. Remote interpreting with on site technician.

CEU- Apertura curso 2 - web

CEU Welcome Day

CEU San Pablo University.

The CEU San Pablo University has a large number of new international students coming every year from different countries around the world. A welcome event is organised to introduce them to the university world in Spanish, English, French and Chinese.

With a traditional system, they would have needed 3 interpreting booths, but with Olyusei we were able to offer all the languages using the booths we have at our headquarters, so there was no need to install them in the event site. The students could choose to listen to the translation using traditional receivers or the Olyusei app, an option that was chosen by the vast majority.

Conference. 200 people. 4 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.

Congreso psicología

X Congress of the Spanish Association of Clinical Psychology

University of Castilla-La Mancha.

The Department of Psychology of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), together with the Spanish Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology (AEPCP) held its tenth congress, which brought together nearly 200 participants and had relevant experts from more than a dozen national and international universities, dedicated to clinical psychology at the service of citizens.

In this case, we opted for a complete remote system in which the organization provided us with the audio and video signal through a laptop computer with webcam. Attendees were able to listen to the translation using the Olyusei app. For this purpose, we sent courtesy headphones to the congress venue.

Conference. 200 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting.


Apple Launch of iPhone 8|X in Spain

Apple Park, Cupertino (USA).

On Tuesday, September 12, 10 years after Steve Jobs announced “we have reinvented the phone”, the iPhone 8 and the Iphone X were launched. On this occasion, Tim Cook was responsible for giving voice to the launch of a new generation of smart mobiles, watches and televisions and Olyusei was chosen for broadcasting the translation in Spain.

Using Apple’s streaming platform, our interpreters followed the presentation as if they were at the event in Cupertino, and the simultaneous translation was broadcast via the Olyusei app. The presentation was simultaneously screened in Murcia, Salamanca, León, Oviedo and Vigo, where they connected the Olyusei app to their respective public address systems, perfectly synchronizing the live image of the Apple event with the audio of the Spanish interpretation.

Presentation event. 5 cities. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting.


Julian Assange – MOVE.NET

University of Seville.

The University of Seville held, a conference on social movements and ICT, from 25 to 27 October. Julian Assange, cyberactivist and spokesperson for Wikileaks, opened the event with a videoconference platform from the Embassy of Ecuador in London. And to ensure that all attendees could understand his intervention, they were provided with our Olyusei remote simultaneous interpretation system.

This way, at the same time as Julian Assange was giving his speech in London, our interpreters were giving simultaneous translation from our interpreting booths at Olyusei’s Madrid headquarters, and the attendees at the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville could listen to him in their own language over the PA system o using the Olyusei App.

Congress. 350 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting.


Women´s Football Summit

Nexus. Espacio Bertelsmann.

The first major convention dedicated to women’s football brought together more than 120 industry professionals from around the world, including representatives of UEFA women’s football, FIFA, LaLiga, various clubs and sports media. In the seven round table discussions that took place, there was a debate on the current situation and the promising future of women’s football.

Interventions in English and Spanish were mixed in each round table, even forgetting the difference in languages thanks to our simultaneous interpretation and achieving a totally fluent debate. And all this without the need to install interpreting booths, as it was done entirely remotely.

Conference – round tables. 120 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.


Ciudadanos (Cs) political party – New Family Models

Espacio Trapézio. Mercado de San Antón, Madrid.

The president of Ciudadanos, Albert Ribera, opened the day of debate on adoption, single-parent families and surrogacy in his presentation on the New Family Models. To deal with this last topic, they had the participation of a Canadian pregnant woman and the Olyusei system to guarantee their total understanding of the event, which was carried out entirely in Spanish.

Olyusei allowed her to participate in a round table with other parents on surrogacy, and communication could flow as if they we speaking the same language. Due to the characteristics of the space, it was not possible to install interpreting booths, and this time we chose to install a virtual booth next to the technical control area.

Conference – round tables. 120 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting with virtual booth.


Corbi DATA Summit 2017

AFUNDACIÓN Auditorium, A Coruña, Spain

The Coruña Biomedical Institute Foundation (CorBI Foundation), counted on Olyusei for the third time to provide simultaneous remote interpreting for its scientific events. This time we were hird to translate Richard Bonneau, a computer biologist.

Again, only one technician had to travel to A Coruña as the interpreters worked from our Olyusei headquarters in Madrid. This allowed the event to have interpreters specialized in computational neuroscience and thus achieve its objective: scientific dissemination among a non-specialized public.

Congress. 150 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpretation with on-site technician.


XXVII AGERS National Congress

Headoffice of COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid)

The Spanish Association of Risk and Insurance Management had the magnificent opportunity to have top-level speakers at its last national congress held at the beginning of June, which is why they invited some of the most important international players in the industry.

In order to guarantee good communication at the round tables where these guests participated, they made use of the Olyusei simultaneous interpreting system, and although we had traditional receivers, the majority of the attendees preferred to use the Olyusei App. For this purpose, AGERS previously distributed our instructions poster within the program of the event.


Destination Meets Online

Hotel Iberostar Costa del Sol, Estepona, Spain

The Destination Meets Online Congress brought together leading tourism professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to strengthen commercial ties with the Spanish tourism industry. Our German interpreters were able to do the job without having to travel to Estepona, where the event took place.

The attendees, mostly foreigners, could choose to listen to the translation through traditional receivers or to use Olyusei App on their smartphones and tablets. In our app we created a section with the image and information of the event, which password and pin protected and allowed the guests to choose the audio channels in the available languages.

Congress. 140 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician, receivers and App.


Mölnlycke Health Care

Hotel AC Ciudad de Sevilla

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of April, Mölnlycke, with presence in 17 countries, organised a training session in Seville and we were in charge of the simultaneous interpreting service, ensuring that the communication between trainers and students was direct, despite speaking in different languages.

All the interpreting was done remotely, the interpreters worked from the booths available in our facilities in Madrid, and the attendees could listen to the translation using their own mobile phones and tablets thanks to the Olyusei app. To do so, we generated their own event in the app with the image of the company and a password that allowed access only to the attendees.

Training session. 20-25 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting with on-site technician.


Coruña Biomedical Institute Foundation

National Museum of Science and Technology MUNCYT, A Coruña

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to interpret a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, and in February 2017 we had the privilege and also the great responsibility of providing the simultaneous interpreting of the first conference of the CorBI Torsten Wiesel Lectures, which was attended by the director of the neurobiology laboratory of The Rockefeller University, Charles Gilbert and the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Torsten Wiesel.

In this important event the interpreters worked from the Olyusei facilities in Madrid, and it was only necessary to send a technician to A Coruña so that the guests could enjoy a remote event translation experience.

Nobel Prize Lecture on Medicine. 120 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.

Juan Ciudad

Juan Ciudad Foundation

Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, Madrid

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Juan Ciudad Foundation NGO, a meeting was organized in Madrid to bring together Brothers of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, as well as volunteers and collaborators from different countries all over the world.

Thanks to Olyusei we were able to provide remote simultaneous interpretation without the need to install booths, with 4 different language combinations, and thus achieve a fluent communication, without interruptions or pauses, as if everyone really spoke the same language. It was an honour to collaborate in an act of the Order, which awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord in 2015 for its enormous international work over the years.

Internal meeting. 20 people. 4 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.

traducción de eventos

World Football Summit 2016

Nexus – Palacio de los Duques de Pastrana

On 27 and 28 October, the World Football Summit was held in Madrid. It was the first international congress on football to be held in Spain and Olyusei was in charge of providing the simultaneous interpreting service.

Thanks to the Olyusei app, all attendees were able to access the simultaneous interpreting service using their own mobile phone. On this occasion, we also created a section on our website that we integrated into the event app. All attendees, even those who were not in the auditorium, were able to listen to our interpreters using headphones provided by the event organisers. Thanks to Olyusei and the World Football Summit, for two days the entire world of football spoke the same language.

Major Event – International Conference. +800 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.


South Summit 2016

Spain Startup – La N@ve

On 5, 6 and 7 October, we at Olyusei were in charge of providing the simultaneous interpreting service for conferences held on the main stage at the South Summit, the most important entrepreneurship and startup event in southern Europe. This edition took place at La N@ve, an innovative complex managed by the Council of Madrid.

Over 300 people connected at the same time to our interpreting service using the Olyusei app and a section on our website, which we created specifically for the event. Using our service, attendees were able to listen to the likes of Allen Blue, cofounder of LinkedIn, Niklas Zennström, CEO of Atomico, Nolan Bushnell, CEO of Atari, and Frédéric Mazzella, CEO of BlaBlaCar, in their own language. It was an innovation event that used an innovative simultaneous interpreting system that truly surprised all those in attendance.

Major Event – International Conference. 12,500 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous interpreting.


NY Business Group

Madrid Stock Exchange, Madrid

On June 6 and 7, 2016, we provided the conference interpreting service for the Global Investors Forum organized by NY Business Group. Thanks to the Olyusei system, it was not necessary to install interpreting booths on site. The conference was held on the Madrid Stock Exchange floor, an unbeatable location for a financial event that brought together the managers of the main national and international banks and investment funds.

Talks were combined in English and Spanish, and thanks to our native interpreters and experts in financial and investment fund interpreting, all attendees were able to understand and participate in all the presentations and round tables..

Forum-conference. 100 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.

traduccion eventos

ICON Institute

Public Employment Service of Castilla y León, Spain

In July 2016, the ICON Institute and the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León held a series of meetings to learn about their work and evaluate their processes.

The different locations did not allow for the installation of booths, so the Olyusei system was the perfect solution, allowing people from Germany, Denmark, Finland, France and Spain to have fluent conversations without pauses or problems of understanding. This way, both the first day at the headquarters of the Public Employment Service in Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid), and the second day at a Public Employment Office in Medina del Campo, the interpretings service was adapted to the different spaces, allowing participants even to move around within the Employment Office while asking questions and listening to the translation.

Internal meeting. 11 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.


Norwegian Embassy

Headoffice of COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid)

With the collaboration of the Ministry of Finance, the report summarising the 20 years in which EEA Grants funds have contributed international financing to Spain’s development was presented. The event brought together representatives of the donor countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), officials of the Spanish government in charge for the beneficiary projects, co-authors of the book and guests from the priority sectors. We were in charge of interpreting the event for the attendees and it was a real honour to be able to translate the speech by the Norwegian Ambassador, Johan Vibe (photo).

With no need to install booths and heavy technical interpreting equipment, Olyusei was the perfect solution to the needs of the event and the event site.

Presentation. 60 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.


Universidad Europea of Madrid

EU Sports Month

In this event, held in April 2016 at the Universidad Europea of Madrid, Emilio de Villota, a former Formula 1 driver, explained the most important highlights in the life of his daughter María de Villota, motor racing driver, compiling the values that were the DNA of her personal life and sports career: improvement, discipline, effort, empathy, team spirit and solidarity.

On this occasion we had the immense luck but also the great responsibility of directly interpreting the testimony of Maria de Villota and transmitting her vision of life, her personal example and her desire to improve every day, to all the international students of the European University who attended this talk within the framework of the Universidad Europea of Madrid’s Sports Month.

Presentation. 80 people. 2 languages. Simultaneous remote interpreting with on-site technician.

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