Olyusei works with a large team of native interpreters in all languages and with extensive experience in interpreting at all sorts of events.

Interpreters working in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch and any international language, as well as interpreters of Catalan, Basque, Galician, Asturian and Valencian; sworn interpreters, etc.

At Olyusei you will have no problem finding the profile you need.

Similar to translation, events and conferences on specialised topics require an advanced command of the terminology.

This is why Olyusei works with interpreters who have specific training, knowledge and experience in these topics, enabling us to guarantee top quality in all of our interpretations.



As Olyusei is a remote interpreting system, we can offer first-rate interpreters for all languages anywhere in Spain and abroad, without the need to travel. It is more comfortable for interpreters and less costly for our clients.

The interpretation takes place at our head office, equipped with interpreting cabins and all of the technical equipment necessary to guarantee optimal working conditions.

The flexible nature of Olyusei also allows us to offer the possibility of using the system and our facilities alongside your own interpreters.

What the interpreters say…

      • “The image quality is sharp and it really does feel like you are right beside the speaker. You can even see their gestures and expressions closer than if you were actually at the event, which definitely improves the interpretation.”
      • “The Olyusei booths have air conditioning! Anyone working in this field will know that this is a huge improvement compared to other interpreting booths.”
      • “The biggest convenience for me was being able to do simultaneous interpreting for an event without having to travel to the city where it was being held or spending nights away from home.”
      • “The fixed booths provide better insulation from noise and distractions, which boosts our concentration when working”.



We adapt to the needs of each event

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